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Friday, February 9, 2007

The Birth of Durga

The Birth of Durga

At a single point, the energy of all the fires coalesced and became Shiva, in the form of a youngwoman. Her face was from the light of Shiva. Her ten arms were from Lord Vishnu. Her legs were from Lord Brahma.
The dispossessed gods were were drawn to Durga. They praised her and gave to her their divine gifts: Pinakadhrik gave Her a trident. Krishna gave her a disc. Varuna, the sea, gave her a conch and the god of fire gave her a missile. From the wind, Vayu, she received arrows. The king of gods, Indra, gave her a thunder-bolt, and the gift of his white-skinned elephant Airavata was a bell. From the god of death Durga received a rod, and......
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