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Friday, February 9, 2007



English translation of PUSHPANJALI

OM (AUM) Goddess Slayer of Demon Mahisa, Chanda and Moonda. The Great Illusionist, bestow unto Me Longevity, Restoration to health and Victory. Salutation to thee.

OM (AUM) Spouse of Lord Shiva, the cause and source of all welfare, fulfiller of all ends. Oh: Goddess Uma, Spouse of lord Brahama, celibacy in person, the body in which the entire universe is Exhibited. Be pleased to me.

OM (AUM) Goddess Katyaani endowed with six divine graces, Destroyer of fear, Desire giver, Killer of Death. Thou art Katyaani Salutation to thee.

OM (AUM) Female leader of Gods, formidable, giver of progeny, Amiable Eternity, ameliorator of
Lineage, and Fierce, Bestow me victory. Salutation to thee.

OM (AUM) Goddess Chandi, Thou art Formidable, the destroyer of all formidables. Save me in all
Respects. Oh! Goddess of the Universe Salutation to thee.

OM (AUM) Goddess Durga, Dispeller of distress, destroyer of all evils. Be my eternal benedictor,
Being desirous of piety, wealth, Bestow me fulfillment of desires. Salutation to thee.

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